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For over five years, The Woman's Exchange has hosted the Industrious Woman event to celebrate the core of our mission – women who use the skills and resources available to them to accomplish extraordinary things. Each year we honor the one woman who exemplifies the self-sufficiency, resourcefulness, creativity and tenacity we see from the women who sell their original, hand-crafted items in our shop every day. The Industrious Woman event provides unique networking with 100-150 industrious women (and men!) who care about our mission of helping low-income artisans build skills and support themselves with their craft. It also features:

Bringing together successful women from all walks of life who support The Exchange, the Industrious Women event raises funds and awareness that allows The Exchange to serve more women. Just as post-Civil War women worked with The Exchange a century ago to discretely sell their needlework and preserves, women today continue to consign their handmade items to the Exchange to earn needed supplemental income for themselves and their families. The Exchange provides an opportunity for these artisans to use skills they already possess to achieve greater self-sufficiency for their families, and a greater sense of confidence and self-worth for themselves. Industrious Women bring this mission to the forefront so we can focus on increasing programming and support that will help not only our consigning artisans, but allow other deserving women to grow and thrive.